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General Proficiency

General Proficiency Awards of $400 are presented to the top 500 Grade 12 graduates from Saskatchewan high schools.

Each applicant's standing shall be determined by averaging the final marks for seven 30-level courses. These include:  
        - English A30
        - English B30
        - one of Social Studies 30, History 30, Economics 30 or Native Studies 30
        - one natural science
        - one mathematics
        - two electives at the 30-level

Student Recognition Award

In order to honour a graduating student from each of the high schools in Horizon School Division the Board of Education established the Student Recognition Award in 2008.  This award will be presented annually to a graduating student who best exemplifies the Horizon School Division vision of “A Community of Learning and Achieving”.

The selection process for the award will involve the staff from each high school selecting a student who they feel best embodies this award.  The Student Recognition Award will include a plaque and a $250.00 scholarship.  

The scholarship of $250.00 shall be awarded upon receipt of the Confirmation of Enrolment in a Board of Education approved post secondary institution.  The one time scholarship is available for up to five years after graduation.