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 Internet Safety
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Internet Safety

Be WWW Safe - an extensive wealth of resources on our Central District IT web site. Educators will find references by grade level to our Divisional "Kids in the Know" initiative.

Cyberbullying Videos from NetSmartz - real-life stories and resources for middle and high school students

Cybertip.ca - handles tips from individuals reporting the online sexual exploitation of children

Cyberproofing 101 - a wealth of "Internet Safety & Awareness" information and links that Rod Oickle, of Ottawa, has assembled

Be CyberSmart! K-8 Curriculum -empowers students and educators to use the Internet efficiently, responsibly and securely

Dangers children face online -Dateline MSNBC video (Sept. 25, 2004) A Dateline hidden camera investigation turns the spotlight on Internet predators.

Dr. Sharon Cooper Videos - Adults can learn how to protect children from on-line victimization

How to Keep Safe in Chat Rooms -contents my be blocked on school computers in our Division but site is otherwise available

Internet Safety - A Government of Canada site which includes Cyber Security, Hacking, Internet Security for Kids, On-Line Transactions, Spamming and Viruses

Media Awareness Network - In addition to a wealth of media and Internet resources for teachers and parents, this site has contains the "

Young Canadians in a Wired World " research study. This project tracks and investigates the behaviours, attitudes, and opinions of Canadian children and youth (ages 11 - 17) with respect to their use of the Internet.

NetSmartz -provides a wealth of resources to teach safe and appropriate Internet behavior

Parenting Online - an eight page resource to help parents protect their children in cyberspace

Safety On The Internet" -preventing Identity Theft

Using computers and the internet - resources to help parents and children use the Internet wisely

STOP Cyberbullying - a program of Parry Aftab and the Wired Safety Group

WiredSafety - is the world's largest online safety and help group

WWW.Cyberbullying.ca - Canada's Bill Belsey's web resource


12 safety tips on blogging for parents and kids - includes a quick blogging primer for parents and basic guidelines for bloggers

Are You Web Aware? - Blogs - shares blog information, guidelines and a review worksheet

Blog Beware - provides information and an on-line quiz to help keep children and teens safe when using social networking sites

Blogs Bulletin Boards & Bullying Video - Dr. Sharon Cooper encourages adults to talk to children about the dangers of posting personal information online.

Childnet's Blog Safety -provides information about blogging and social networking for children, parents and educators including a "Blog Safety" booklet

Kids, blogs and too much information - MSNBC article and video that states that 50% of all blogs are created by teenagers

This section includes online interactive opportunities as well as software which can be downloaded as a further resource on Internet Safety.

Three entertaining interactive stories with Disney characters will provide a tool for educators and parents to discuss these fables with their younger children to learn valuable lessons about online safety.

In this sequel to Privacy Playground, for ages 9-12, the three CyberPigs take part in an on-line chat room and learn important lessons about authenticating online information and observing rules of netiquette.

"Internet Safety Presentation" - on-line tutorial helping your family get the most out of Internet safely

Online and Offline Activities - grade appropriate (K-12) resources to help teach children what to look out for online

"The Surf Swell Island site is a quiz-driven adventure game. Internet safety material is presented in a series of three games, each featuring a classic Disney character and focusing on an area of concern: privacy, viruses, or netiquette (guidelines for behavior on the Internet)."

The Missing kit, developed by LiveWires Design Ltd, teaches children how to surf the Internet safely. It includes a CD-ROM game for children, a parent/teacher guide, a video and a poster. This web site has information on Internet safety issues for parents, teachers and librarians.


LiveWires Design Posters: #1 ,#2 ,#3 ,#4 , and #5