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From: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 9:24 AM -0600
Subject:Winston High School News
Welcomes and Goodbyes

School year is coming to a close, grade twelves will be heading off to venture towards the rest of their lives, while grade sevens are nervously awaiting the Winston doors. On Friday June 17th Winston took on a whole afternoon of Pride to welcome the newcomers and say farewell to the graduating class.

The whole school, divided into their Pride groups awaited the arrival of new Winston members. Once they arrived each grade seven was assigned a Pride group, officially initiating them into the school. The Comm 20 class presented their short film, showing the grade sevens to how important Pride really is to Winston. After a couple videos, a name by name send-off of Grade twelves the Prides headed outside for games of Capture the Flag. After all that exercise it only made sense to reward the students with ice cream bars. The Pride filled afternoon set the tone for the end of the year for every Wildcat.

Since the end of the year is here and the new one right around the corner a last pride extravaganza was exactly what everybody needed, to keep the Wildcat Pride alive. Thanks to the staff that put so much effort into the Pride activities and make every one a success. Good luck to the seniors on their last days of High school, I hope everyone has a great summer. Until next time.

Sarah Davidson
School Reporter
Winston High School