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From: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 9:19 AM -0600
Subject:Wynyard Elementary School News
Only weeks until school is over which means tests and events, so I’m going to tell you about the events.  On May 18th our awesome SCC brought us another delicious smoothie day. This month, on May 23rd, we had Victoria Day which was a holiday off of school; we had 2 other days off of school this month, including non-instructional day (where teachers have school but not students) and a day in lieu of parent teacher interviews.

On May 26th, the Co-op held a plant a seed event for our school. It was awesome!! Each student was given flower to take home.

On May 27th, we hosted the grade 6 ball tournament.  Other towns such as Wadena, Foam Lake, and Ituna attended. Foam Lake, Wynyard, and Wadena had 2 teams and each team got to play a game of slow pitch against every team.

On May 29th, we held our annual Amazing Race there were many awesome stations all over town and many families and friends participated. Your team could bike or walk through town and complete all of the stations.  Just like the real Amazing Race except we stay in 1 country. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it this year but I’m positive that it was LOTS of fun.

This month we participated in earth week every day for a week we did something awesome, including litterless lunch, fill the earths bucket where we wrote on a star or a heart one way to help the earth, town cleanup where each class was assigned a part of the school or the town to collect garbage, and last but MOST DEFINITELY not least the eco fashion show where each class designed a costume made entirely out of recycled materials… awesome right!!!

The month of May is over and we have only 1 month left of school! So I’m here to keep you in touch with the aWESome things happening at WES.

Raea Lamont
School reporter
Wynyard Elementary School