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From: Friday, June 10, 2016 1:26 PM -0600
Subject:Quill Lake School News
June 2016: Final Story – Interview

Interview of Mrs. Donna Seidle, teacher at Quill Lake School, conducted by QLS School Reporter, Sabrina Odelein

Sabrina: “What was your favourite activity/ event this year and why?”

Donna: The amazing Race was a huge event and even though I wasn’t there I didn’t hear one bad thing about it. Nothing bad is ever said when the whole school, and the community is involved. It’s fun for all ages; even the teachers. The older students help out the younger ones, and it’s a great time.”

S: “What made this school year different than others?”

D: “Every year seems to go quicker than the last, so I would say that it was faster. Also, this was Mrs. Presber’s first year as our new principal and she did a great job!”

S: “What would you say is the best part or thing about QLS?”

D: “One of the best things about this school would definitely be that we have such friendly and honest students. We also do lots of activities or events that involve lots of spirit which I love. The school has such a ‘family feeling’; everyone does things together. Some schools that have both elementary and high school are separated, but here they are together and like to do things together.”

S: “What is one thing you would change and one thing you would keep from this school year?

D: “I know one thing that I would take out is to only have one dress up day during Halloween. This year we had 3 different ones, one day was scary and one was funny, and it was too much. I heard lots of people saying it was too hard and too much to dress up more than once during the week. One thing I would keep the same is our Gym Blast. It brings the whole school together and it’s such a good time.”

S: “What would you say our biggest accomplishment was this year?”

D: “Oh I would say our K-12 Christmas Concert. All the kids get together to put on the awesome show in December and it’s good to see the participation of all the students. It really brings everyone together for the Christmas season.”

S: “What makes QLS a ‘Safe and Caring School’?”

D: “Being a safe and caring school is portrayed with the family like atmosphere. The older kids take care of the younger kids, and there is no separation of the elementary and high school students. Our buddy reading once a month is a good example. On pajama days the older kids read to the younger kids for 15 minutes and it’s just another thing that brings them together.”

S: “To end our interview, what would you say the best time of the year is at the school?”

D: “I think this time is. The end of the year, where everyone is going on their class trips, and things are just winding down. Track and Hi-Lo are also in this time and it’s just nice to be able to be outside doing these activities. It’s nice to see the sun again! We start to look at our year and reflect back on all the fun things we did. We wrap up our year with fun activities and everyone is happy and excited for summer.”

Sabrina Odelein, QLS School Reporter