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From: Friday, June 10, 2016 1:08 PM -0600
Subject:Internet Safety Awareness at GGEC

The SCC at George Gordon Education Centre, under the leadership of chairperson Tammy McNab, sponsored an Awareness Night on Thursday, May 26th. Interested community members, staff and parents, including students from GGEC & PECS, turned out for an informational forum on topics that included Internet Safety, On-line Bullying, Internet luring and Suicide and self-harm.  The evening opened with a video by Amanda Todd who was exploited through the Internet, physically assaulted, bullied and tormented by peers in person and through social media and who eventually took her own life. The SCC wants to prevent further tragedies through educating parents and young people about the potential dangers of social media.

Amanda Baldwin, student counsellor with HZSD, shared an informative power-point on self-harm and suicide and Craig Cleary from the Punnichy RCMP discussed bullying and internet safety. Ed Bitternose Sr. also spoke of the problems that can result from social media used improperly.

Lunch was provided and the presenters each received gifts from the SCC and several exciting door prizes were won.