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From: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 2:06 PM -0600
Subject:Drake School News
Track & Field Pre-Districts

This month, some Drake School students went to pre-districts in Watrous. It was a very good opportunity to show our talents. These students were from grades 6-8, and they performed quite finely. Even if we didn't win a place, we knew that we tried our best. It was also a good chance to meet new people, or see others, that are in different schools.

The process was long and intense. We had all trained for weeks, for this day. It was great to see different people doing different things. There were loads of schools, a variation of grades, so that's mainly the reason why it took so long. I could tell by the faces of my classmates, that they were all nervous as well. But, we tried really hard, and some of us get to go to districts later in the future! I hope that the others had a great time, and will compete next year!

                    One Month of School?
    There is only a couple weeks until school is done for the summer. Students at Drake are anticipating as the days are counted down until the very day. (Not that we don’t like school or anything.) But as summer comes close, the work is for real!
    The teachers are expecting us students, to step up our game, and make our marks better. Of course, this could be a “good” thing. If our teachers expect better, and we do that much, we could end off the school year with a bang! But then, if they expect too, too much, if might get a little overwhelming.
    We are all trying very hard to please our amazing teachers/staff, so that they can finally let go of us, knowing that we know when to use “affect” and “effect”. Or if we know how to multiply those annoying decimals.
    But with the last month of school, that means we’ll have to let go. It is a happy ending for some of us, while others will be missed. I wish for all of us to be closer in these days left of school.

- Francine Bebita, Drake School Reporter