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From: Tuesday, May 17, 2016 10:22 AM -0600
Subject:LeRoy School News
May Flowers!
The warm weather was very much wanted for LeRoy School Students as track and field practice was on their minds! Practicing events in rain was something they were used to but the snow and sleet for most of the week before Track and Field Pre-Districts was a new challenge for all. Although, through it all attendance for morning, lunch hour, and after school track and field practices were exceptional and all that practice showed. On May 16th the grades 6-12 attended Track and Field Pre-Districts in Watrous Our schools track and field program is mandatory for all students and we are fortunate to have such a loud and proud group at each track meet we attend. Coincidentally it was one of the warmest days in nearly a week and a half, but it didn’t slow our athletes down one bit. The student athletes succeed in more than just their events, but the school spirit and exceptional pride that they brought to the meet was one like none other! It was definitely a long day for all the students but memories were made and suntans or more sunburns were created! We wish all of the athletes who have advanced to Districts luck next Wednesday and we hope success is in everyone’s future!
The days are also winding down on Grad and Experience Canada Students arriving! Look out for all the exciting events and results from district track in June! Everyone is getting excited for school to be coming to an end!!

Cassidy Oesch
Grade 12
LeRoy School Reporter