Lance Hiltz
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From: Tuesday, May 17, 2016 10:19 AM -0600
Subject:Literacy Fair at Lanigan Elementary School

Come to the Fair...the Literacy Fair, that is!  Lanigan Elementary School held the first ever Literacy Fair on Thursday, May 12 to promote projects and ideas related to reading and writing.  The students and staff displayed a variety of interesting displays for parents and the community to view throughout the school.  The Gym featured individual book studies, word studies, story element posters, Storybird books, and ways to promote summer reading.  Other literacy ideas were in the classrooms and computer lab and included reading and writing stations, a Reader's Theatre and other performances, book projects, more Storybird books, character studies, and contests.  One classroom was even transformed into four main scenes from a novel study.  Judging from the enthusiasm and creativity of the L.E.S. students and staff plus the positive response from all of the visitors, the Literacy Fair was a success!