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From: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 9:55 AM -0600
Subject:Winston High Graduation

        “This was your time, this is your time, and this will be your time,” words from Guest Speaker Shelley Harrick during the 2016 grad ceremonies on May 6th. Every year, early in May, a group of young adults get one day to show their community they made it. Every year the class of familiar faces put on their best dress, suit and tie, and enjoy an evening filled with old memories, teachers sending them off, and parents sharing words of wisdom. Like always it’s a strange feeling watching people you grew up with in the halls of your school, or at your daycare being sent off into the world. Time does fly by, but I can say without a doubt, that this time is definitely the graduating class of 2016’s time.
        The night started at 5:30 with the banquet at the local Civic Centre where family, close friends, escorts and teachers accompanied the grads for a meal catered by The Town Bar. Chairperson, Mr. Barry Crowshaw started the evening off with introductions to the speakers and to welcome everyone to the evening. The first speech of the evening was given by Davis Schmidt, with a tribute to the Moms and Dads. He spoke on how their parents have taught them an endless supply of life skills and shaped them into the people they are today, as they take their next journey in life. The response was given by Davis’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt. Next was the tribute to teachers given by Emily Borsa, who as a principal’s kid, claimed she was unaware of why they would choose her to deliver that sort of speech (sarcasm of course). The response was give by Winston High’s teacher Tina Edwards who said how teaching a class like this year grade twelves was a lot like being at home, taking care of her kids, in both good and challenging ways. Of course Mrs. Edwards talked on how that was the best part of teaching, spending the day with your second family. Remember when’s, one of my personal favourites, were given by Brayden Ernst, Breshton Folden and Adam Hicks where they shared stories of old times and had a bit of embarrassing memoires for everyone. To wrap up the speeches teacher Doug Thomas gave the tribute to the grads, where he delivered an emotional, and witty speech, honoring each and every grad. Before the meal, grace was given by graduate Mitchell Toews and the rest of the evening was devoured in delicious food.
        As everyone in town hurried to the curling rink for the big whopper of the evening, the grads prepared for their grand entrance. They waltzed in, arm in arm with their parents all eyes on them. As each grad was announced the exercises kicked into gear. Chairperson, Mrs. Leblanc a new teacher to the Winston staff, started off the evening by introducing the first speaker of the exercises, principal Terry Braman with none other than the principals message. Mr. Braman spoke on how that day marked a milestone in all the students’ life, pulling fun here and there with memories and jokes. The next speech, tribute the education was given by student Jackson Andrews, who chose certain teachers to tease. He spoke about his memories and experiences throughout his years in the Watrous schools, and the teachers who helped him and his classmates grow. The response was given by teacher Steve Armstrong who spoke highly on the experience of education and said “education is so much more than what happens in a classroom.” The tribute to the community and response was given by the Inkster family, Kiara with the tribute followed by her parents. Both speeches were thoughtful and humble. “Thank you for knowing the roads always leads back home,” were kind words Fawne Inkster gave to the graduates. As every year a power point presentation was given, showing where the students are headed after their final months of high school, commentary given by graduates Hannah Thoner, Taylor Sather and Alison Schmidt. Starting to wrap things up the last couple speeches were given. Guest Speaker Mrs. Shelley Harrick shared her memories of the graduates who she had taught in the younger grades of high school, and wished them well with words of wisdom and encouragement. Last speech of the night was the valedictorian, who this year was graduate Graham Broadfoot. Graham looked back on the years through elementary and high school with memories from his classmates, saying “we won’t forget your faces.” After the speech Graham, as tradition, passed the torch to Brady Fossen, representing the 2017 graduating class for next year. The last thing to do was pass out the scrolls and watch the graduates make their way out of the ceremony, and into the next chapter of their lives.
        There’s something about seeing familiar faces being sent off into the world, because time really does pass us by, sometimes quicker than we’d like. On behalf of everyone I wish the graduates good luck as they embark on the scariest, but probably the most important step of their lives. They will all do great things and move on into the world as leaders for their generation. Enjoy your last two months as high school students, and enjoy the next however many years as apart of the world, because it truly is your time.
        The graduates include, Bryce Rondeau, Nicholas Neumiller, Kale Sutherland, Graham Broadfoot, Chandler Gross, Josh Wiebe, Landon Shutte, Jay Giesbrecht, Jackson Andrews, Davis Schmidt, Adam Hicks, Brynn Nickel, Brayden Ernst, Dysen Swan, Mitchell Toews, Cayle Cross, Breshton Folden, Mike Clark, Kiara Inkster, Emily Borsa, Ally Smith, Paige Sunquist, Taylor Sather, Samantha Duvall, Allison Schmidt, Sydney Less, Hannah Thoner, Justine Bartel, Savana Kautz, and Kamryn Holma.