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From: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 9:51 AM -0600
Subject:Experience Canada- LeRoy Goes to Horton

On April 27th 13 LeRoy School students grade 10 through 12 boarded a WestJet plane bound towards beautiful Wolfeville, Nova Scotia. An early morning adventure in Regina Airport was fun and a long layover in Toronto gave all the students time to get everything organized and quick naps to recover! A day that started at 2AM was close to being over around 7PM, Nova Scotia time, when the students arrived at Halifax Airport to beautiful homemade signs and smiling faces of a few Horton High School students. Never did our LeRoy school students believe that by the end of this week’s adventures these students and teacher advisers would become some lifelong friends.

Quickly the days began and excitement through each student was apparent. The students explored Halifax on the first day, learning all about the history of Halifax and Nova Scotia through Museums and interesting games at Pier 21. It was not only the history but the scenic change that blew all the Leroy or commonly known as “Saskatchewan Students” away! It was definitely a change from the flatlands of Saskatchewan but it was breathe taking at the least. The night was spent learning about our billets home and culture differences. Each student stayed with a billet who answered millions of questions that each of the LeRoy Students had.

Horton High School whom was twinned with our small town school is found in the valley. Horton High School is far larger and extravagant then our school but we found out quickly that our list of differences was smaller than our list of similarities. Also found in the valley is Wolfeville which is very close to the school. It was a pleasure for the Horton Students to show the LeRoy students their town and all it included like a ghost tour which is something we don’t have in Rural Saskatchewan. The day was full of fun stories and tons of opportunities to learn about life in Nova Scotia.

Saturday came around quickly and it felt as though the time had flown, but with the weekend came a much more laid back attitude and as the bus rolled up to Peggy’s Cove the overwhelming feeling of beauty was obvious. Not only for our LeRoy Students but also many of the Horton Students this was a first and it left nearly all of us speechless. Pictures, more pictures, and even more pictures were taken and slowly students with argument loaded the bus back up and went on to our next adventure. What was next was also a first for most of our students, a trip to the warm beach and a cold Ocean in which the students got to dip their toes into! An absolutely eventful day lead to a very tired group of students who were very ready for beds!

By Sunday the students and chaperones had warmed up to each other and it was a perfect day for the billets to have separate adventures with everyone. The students got to separate and spend time with the students that they were getting to know. The adventures they all went on were vast and everyone had a blast! It was obvious that the friendships were forming, but the days began to run short.

Everyone was soaking in the final days of the gorgeous views and Ocean with trips to Halls Harbour and the LookOff on Cape Blomidon. Plenty of final group photos were taken and collecting of rocks and shells for the LeRoy Students to take home was done. It was a great way to end off an exciting week! With these more calm days came more opportunities to learn about the Horton High School Students as individuals and make plans for when they came to Saskatchewan.

LeRoy School students are more than thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to Nova Scotia and more specifically Horton High School. We are beyond thankful to everyone who welcomed us in their homes and showed us true Canadian hospitality. The stories and memories we have from this trip are endless and will forever be a part of who we are! Most importantly the friendships we have made during this trip are stronger then we’d have ever believed and the bitter sweet moment on May 4th when our students loaded the bus bright and early showed that these friendships were meant to last. LeRoy is beyond excited to have the Horton students back in exactly one month to show them Saskatchewan, but most importantly to reunite with these lifelong friends.

Although the trip was a blast the students are glad to be back to school and back to normal routine! LeRoy School is preparing for track and field, so look out for more information on that.    


Cassidy Oesch
LeRoy School Reporter
Grade 12