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From: Wednesday, May 4, 2016 9:00 AM -0600
Subject:Wynyard Elementary School News
April is over, and we had lots of fun with all of our events.  April 18th -22nd was Earth Week.  Each day we had an event regarding Earth Week.  Such as litterless lunch, school yard clean up,  and Eco Fashion show.  For the fashion show, each class designed and created a snazzy outfit for their model.  The clothing was recycled or recyclable.  The classes did write-ups and the MCs read them while the outfits were modeled.  During the School Yard Clean up, each class was assigned a section of the School or Community.  We took garbage bags to collect all the garbage and brought it back to school to dispose of it.

Our SCC provided a Pizza hot lunch and a smoothie day this month.  They also sponsored an awesome activity night featuring Bricks for Kids.  The students gathered at school and had fun building super cool Lego creations.   Bricks for Kids is a company out of Regina who came from Regina with all their toys.  They even had a motorized project where the kids made self-propelled see-saws.  On April 28th students and their families gathered in the gym for Family Bingo night put on by the SCC.  Everyone brings a gently used toy from home for the prize table.  There were three rounds including bonus numbers where Mr. Fisher got us to do Crazy things if we got that number. We all had lots of fun and lots of Bingos!  

For the last half April the school supported the BMO Walk so Kids Can Talk event by selling speech bubbles for $2 each.  The class who bought the most bubbles won a pizza party!  4T was the winner with a whopping 176 bubbles!  5G won 2nd place, and 6R came in 3rd.  We also dressed up as Super Heros and went on the Kids Help Phone walk.  The high school joined us for a walk around town, and we all got to stop at the Co-op for snacks and juice.  A kids Help Phone representative came to each classroom to talk to us about the meaning of Kids Help Phone and how much they appreciate schools like ours fundraising for them.  

Raea Lamont
School reporter
Wynyard Elementary School