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From: Monday, May 2, 2016 2:45 PM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News
April was an awesome month. Although parting is such sweet sorrow, students (and staff I’m sure) are stoked for the arrival of May, even though April brought Imperial School some pretty stellar times. On April 12, the Imperial School roped in some GymBlast action for grades 3-12 students. This was an afternoon of physical activity, and bonding between “big kid” and “little kid”. On April 14, Midnight Madness took place in Imperial School from afterschool all the way until midnight. This was a slight twist from our school’s past Wake-a-thon event, which had students stay all night. Still, Midnight Madness was jam-packed with madly awesome activities. Floor hockey after school, a movie showing, a scavenger hunt, a classic game of Hide n’ Seek (in the dark), and a relay with a twist is what Midnight Madness was made of this year. With any luck, May will treat Imperial School just as handsomely as this April treated us.


- Kennedy Lewis, Imperial School Reporter