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From: Thursday, April 28, 2016 11:14 AM -0600
Subject:Cultural Day at LES
Lanigan Elementary School celebrated Cultural Day Wednesday, April 27, 2016.  LES Culture Day was organized with one major goal in mind; to create a mindset for the student body that learns from each other and creates a community together.  The day was a huge success.  It began with Lester Gardiner, our horizon First Nations, Inuit and Metis liaison welcoming his two friends Mr. Morris Bear and Mr. Arrow Kinistino to the front and with them singing a welcome song to kick off our celebrating.  Different students displayed their ethnic roots by sharing their immigration stories, musical talents and dancing gifts.  Janine Candido shared about her family’s immigration to Canada from the Philippians.  Charles Mtambo read his family story, and why his parent’s chose to move to Canada from Africa.  Chris Rossen finished our story-telling moments off with his mother’s life story and her travels throughout the world, from Austria to Belize, finally settling in Canada.  These snap-shots of student stories added to our vision of creating one community as we learned from each other.  We were fortunate to have Audre Crowe introduce and guide little Jaydan Crowe (who is in Kindergarten) and Geanna Pelletier-Wesaquate perform traditional First Nation dancing.  Jaydan was quite the performer for someone so young.  Students then heard from Lemarr Oksasikeywin, a presenter from the Office of the Treaty Commission, speak on how “We are all Treaty People”.  He later led a grade 4 class in traditional First Nations games.  We followed our morning with a potluck lunch that showcased a variety of ethnic foods that our students provided.  Our day ended with Lester Gardiner and his friends leading our Grade 6-8 students in some dancing, singing and traditional story-telling where there was lots of good music and laughs.  It was an incredible day that was filled with the stories of our student body, stories from Elders, and stories through music and dance.  It was humbling to watch our students engage in such a rich and culturally diverse day.  Thank you to all who spoke and participated in our day to make it a huge success.