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From: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 12:20 PM -0600
Subject:Winston High School News
Interpret the Past, Forge the Future

To understand something that happened quite some years ago, takes an open mind, a lot of background information and time. The Horizon School Division and other enthusiasts of knowledge put on a Holocaust symposium at the Uniplex in Humboldt on April 19th. This event was held for grade eleven students throughout the division. A day filled with presenters and stories is the understatement of the century.

After introductions were given the first presentation was by Mr. David Katzman, who spoke on Understanding Judaism and Anti-Semitism. He spoke on what it meant to be a Jew and educated the audience on the cultures and religions backgrounds, holidays and traditions. He explained the hatred that had spread from early times, the terrible prejudice and of course the Anti-Semitism during the second world war. The students were educated in the history of the holocaust by Mr. Larry Mikulcik, who gave a well done overview on events and treatments to the Jewish people during this horrible time. The next presenter, all the way from Israel, Mr. Dan Vardi spoke a lot of Israeli culture and how it is and was the homeland of the Jewish people. He spoke greatly on the importance of the country to the Jewish people and of course talked a lot on some of the events during the war that effected the Jewish people so greatly. After lunch the students were taught about the Holocaust denial, and Genocide in and outside of the world war by Larry Mikulcik once more. Judge Arnott, one of the guests spoke on Human Rights today, coming from his experience and knowledge his speech was well presented and received. Lastly, but most definitely not least was special guest presenter and holocaust survivor Mr. Nate Leipciger, a man who not only survived the holocaust but also the death camp of Auschwitz. A moving and brave story he told to all who joined the presentation. The speech was eye opening and quite impactful, was of course the highlight of the entire day.
The symposium brought with it a lot of knowledge and people that opened many eyes to realities of the holocaust and the war and of course many other injustices in the world. It was a special day for all grade elevens to be a part of and is definitely an important event for the school division.  

Sarah Davidson
School Reporter
Winston High School