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From: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 2:01 PM -0600
Subject:LeRoy School Welcomes Warm Weather

LeRoy is welcoming this beautiful warm weather with some spring upgrades. After the break and long weekend LeRoy School Students were welcomed back in to lowered, non-leaking roofs and a newly painted hallway! Everyone was super excited to see how great the school looked and we are eager to show it off. The students like to thank Mrs. Hartman for her fabulous job to make our school look brand new and also her never ending ability to make our school so clean every day.

While the weather is just warming up the Badminton team is beginning to wrap up... The developmental students play one more week of competition and have shown such improvement in their game and attitude, we see such potential for the upcoming years of Junior Badminton. The Junior Badminton players are just finishing league and are looking to be in tip-top shape for playoffs and Pre-Districts. Our Senior Badminton players have one more week of league play and will look to improve on their record, for some it will be their last Badminton game, as they will not be playing in Pre-Districts or playoffs as they will be enjoying the Halifax sunshine! Good luck to all of the players and teams!

Excitement is within the halls as the Experience Canada students get ready to pack their bags and fly to Halifax. The students were able to video chat the students from their twinned school, Horton High School. This was a great experience and only made all 14 of the students even more excited to get there! We hope the students have a blast and bring back vast memories and lots of pictures!

Cassidy Oesch
Grade 12
LeRoy School Reporter