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From: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 1:41 PM -0600
Subject:Quill Lake School News
Ready to Rumble?

In the beginning weeks of April, a small group of our QLS high school students were busy working at noon hours and a few after schools to do something that has never been done at our school before. This was exciting to those involved, and those who just got to watch things come to life. These select students built and programmed two robots. By speaking and teaching these robots to fight, they learned different techniques and how to make the robot realize it had won or lost. To show their great work and to compete with others who have done similar things, April 14th, 4 students travelled to Saskatoon. Here, they put their robots to the test to see if they could fight the other robots and come out victorious. With 4 wins, and 5 losses and a lot of fun, these 4 students came back to QLS Monday with a whole new perspective on robots.


Sabrina Odelein
Grade 12
Quill Lake School