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From: Monday, April 18, 2016 10:18 AM -0600
Subject:Wynyard Elementary School News
Here we are in the middle of April and I have lots to report on!  I missed my chance to tell you all about our aWESome ski day at Wapiti Ski Resort.  Each student from grades 1 to 6 got a chance to choose snowboarding or skiing.  We boarded charter busses for the long trip and arrived at Wapiti, ready to hit the slopes.  Everybody took a lesson depending on their level of experience, and then we were free to ski!  There were many hills such as Mickey Mouse, Wapiti Way, Dragon’s Tail and my favorite, Captain Hook! The weather was great, the sun was shining, and everyone had a blast!  

The Pre-K and Kindergarten classes were not able to go skiing due to Wapiti’s regulations, but they had a super fun trip too!  They went to Foam Lake’s community theatre for a movie.  They watched “The Peanuts” movie, and had popcorn and drinks for a treat.  In the afternoon the kindergartens had the whole school to themselves and enjoyed a super special center time spread around the school.
Report Cards went out on March 23rd.  We had an assembly to celebrate the students who achieved academic awards.  The following academic awards were handed out:
Grade 4:  
Honour Roll: Spencer Bencharski, Gavin Bodnarchuk, Amelia Both, Olivia Gillespie, Emma Gudmundson, Matthew Jackson, Elyse Latoski, Jessica Peesker, Lian Principe
Improvement Award: Camille Bjarnason, Gavin Bodnarchuk, Denton Bowen, Addyson Boylak, Tryggvi Eirickson, Chloe Hague, Matthew Jackson, Elyse Latoski, Jessica Peesker, Lian Principe, Laina Salter
Principal’s List: Camille Bjarnason, Addyson Boylak, Chloe Hague, Laina Salter

Grade 5:

Honour Roll: Timothy Baker, Dalyn Chuckry, Parker Lalach, James Neal, Derrik Prisiak, Thomas Salter

Improvement Award: Jocelyn Hilts, Tristan Quist, Kaybree Skjerven

Principal’s List: Hayley Bodnar, Jenesis Cornista, Evan Fisher, Caleb Reeve

Grade 6:

Honour Roll: Ivy Bacudio, Leif Burns, Matthew Christianson, Autym Horvath

Improvement Award: Leif Burns, Keegan L’Heureux, Ethan Lorenz, Shanelle Oochoo, Olivia Stephaniuk

Back in November some classes participated in the Royal Canadian Legion Rememberance Day Poem, Poster and Essay contest.  Some members of the Legion came to our school to present many of our students with awards for their contributions.  Congratulations to the award winners:
Junior Poem Awards: 3rd Tim Baker 2nd Sara Babut 1st Hayley Bodnar
Junior Essay Awards 3rd James Neal 2nd Thomas Salter 1st Derrik Prisiak
Primary Essay Awards 3rd Carson Wiebe 2nd Mallory Severight 1st Kassidy Horvath
Junior Color Award 3rd Chloe Hague 2nd Jocelyn Hilts 1st Leah Oochoo
Junior Black and White 3rd Jessica Peesker 2nd Jenesis Cornista 1st Addyson Boylak
ZONE COMPETITION 2nd Addyson Boylak
Primary Black and White 3rd Ava Nichol 2nd Kaelyn Lorenz 1st Lincoln Turcotte
ZONE COMPETITION 2nd Lincoln Turcotte
Primary Color 3rd Anna Jackson 2nd Britney Estanislao 1st Olivia Finnson
April 13th was Friendship day in honour of International Anti-Bullying Day.  On this day each class room was paired with another class to be their buddies.  We were allowed to cross the playground to play with our buddies at recess, and we had a period in the afternoon where we did a friendship activity together.  Everyone wore pink, and we had a big picnic together in the gym with our smoothies.
April is not over yet so get excited for our upcoming events.

Raea Lamont
School reporter
Wynyard Elementary School