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From: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 4:33 PM -0600
Subject:Cake Walk at Winston High
Have you ever had a dream where you’ve been surrounded by cakes? Well I’m here to tell you that dreams do come true. Winston’s annual Cake Walk was the perfect begging to the Spring Break. I mean come on, who doesn’t like cake and cheesy childhood pastimes?
The whole school, who paid for a ticket because nothing is free (mwahaha), gathered into the gym and let the games begin. With the host Mitchel Toews on the mike, announcing the winners the atmosphere began to get competitive. Who will win the next cake? Is your number the lucky number? The hype was intense and the crowd was wild with anticipation. All the cakes lined in a row on the stage called out to the students, driving the will to win forward. Of course it was not as intense as I’m making it sound, but fun? Most definitely, sugar rush? Oh you bet your bottom dollar.


Thanks to the SRC for another great event to kick off spring!

Sarah Davidson
School Reporter
Winston High School