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From: Thursday, March 24, 2016 10:32 AM -0600
Subject:Drake School News
Pink Day
This month, Drake School’s grades 5-8 went to Leroy for Pink Day! And let me tell you, it was an awesome experience. They had guest speakers that were quite the jokesters and storytellers. The Leroy staff even included lunch for all the schools that came. If you don't know what Pink Day is, that's when everyone wears pink and talks about preventing bullying.
First, we got a few snacks and were introduced with a cool performance that had inspiring quotes that can change the way you see bullying. Then, we had plays and choirs come and take charge of the stage. Each group that performed had a story to tell, that included bullying. Those were very cool, but then a guest speaker came up. His name was Ian Tyson. His stories were just to die for, they were so funny! He is a very entertaining person, but with that, he also got the message across. After, it was time for lunch. At lunch, people talked to each other and it seemed to go on forever.
After lunch, they had contests-such as a dancing contest-but also included prizes. Then, the last guest speaker came and he was magical. His name was Scott Hammell, and he held world records. He is also a juggler and magician. He performed tricks such as juggling, and getting out of a straight jacket. But his clear message showed, to always follow your dream no matter what.
So, I just wanted to thank the Leroy school for making this happen, so all of us laughed, smiled and understood what bullying was.

WE Day

In March of 2016, the grade 7 & 8 earned their way to WE day. WE day is when motivational speakers to speak about leadership and bullying. But, you can't BUY tickets to WE day. You have to EARN them. So this is the story of how the grade 7/8 students earned their way.
The first thing they did, was serve the school hot lunches. Of course, we had to pay and it was for a good reason. The second thing they did was a bake sale, and it was a good treat!
All these fundraisers led up to the actual things. They raised up all that money to buy livestock such as cattle and chickens. They gave that to people to needed it much more than them. The students also gave money to send a girl to school.
This was a very thoughtful thing to do, and they deserved to go to WE day. Remember, the world is a big place, so start caring for the ones who are in need and the ones around you.

By: Francine Bebita, Drake School Reporter