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From: Thursday, March 24, 2016 10:27 AM -0600
Subject:Pink Day at LeRoy School
Busy, Busy, Busy…

This exact word described the first 2 weeks of March in LeRoy School the best! LeRoy school has been hard at work planning their 3rd huge Pink Day. This year it was hosted on March 9th 2016 with nearly 8 schools and 600 students and staff in attendance. The SRC worked endlessly with help from every teacher and surrounding students to create a sea of pink. The hallways was decked out with posters and polka dots and when students entered the gym it was a blast of pink be it chains or more polka dots. The lights shone pink but the smiles and energy of all the students in attendance shone even brighter.

The day was set to be one of the best with Ian Tyson speaking of his experience and hilarious stories to Scott Hamell and his breathe taking situations and life changing record breakings. It was to be the best and most motivational, but what never seems to let us down is the attitude of every student who graces the pink hallway or enters the pink gym, because the atmosphere was one none other could compare to. The breathtaking black light performance from high school students or the hilarious dance off from volunteers is what essentially made this day one for the books.

This incredible day wasn’t successful on its own though the endless support from the community and surrounding business shows what pink day really is about. We would like to thank our sponsors for the non-stop support. They include Sobeys, Costco, PacWest Properties, LeRoy Credit Union, LeRoy Rec Board, Midway Co-Op, Shawn and Lorna McGrath, and Watson Meats. We would like to thank the teachers who gave up class time and dealt with the chaos that was our school! We would lastly like to thank our SRC advisor Mrs. Danielle Bilodeau who puts her entire heart and soul into each of these Pink Days. She has been so supportive of every crazy idea always putting a 100% belief into everything surrounding this day. She works so incredible hard for everything our SRC does and this day is no exception. We know she likes to hide at the back and pretend she isn’t a big deal, but she most definitely is. Thanks you for everything you have done to make our SRC and this day such a success, you mean the world to us and we can’t imagine doing this without you.

Look forward to what is to come for LeRoy School… after a busy 2 weeks it looks like a PJ week and the break are a warm welcome ahead!   

Cassidy Oesch
Grade 12
LeRoy School Reporter