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From: Thursday, March 17, 2016 9:30 AM -0600
Subject:Book Launch for L.E.S. Students
Book Launch for L.E.S. Students
The Grade 2F class from Lanigan Elementary School had their first ever Book Launch at the Town Library Wednesday, March 16.  The students shared books with family and friends that they had created on the Storybird writing website.  Storybird is a program that the local Wheatland Library has to promote literacy.  The students browsed for artwork on the site to go along with a picture book format. They wrote their stories as they dragged and dropped pictures.  Once all of the stories were completed  the Wheatland branch in Saskatoon printed out the stories as colourful, attractive books.  Thank you to the two librarians who guided the 2F class and encouraged us to have a celebration - Cassandra from Saskatoon and Joyce in Lanigan.


- Debbie Fick