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From: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 10:06 AM -0600
Subject:Quill Lake School News
Hypnotic Side Effects

On February 8th all QLS students and staff set aside an hour in the afternoon to pile in the gym. We laughed and learned as we watched the hilarious hypnotist Corrie J take the stage with a few helpers from our own audience. Many senior students jumped up at the chance to get hypnotised because we all knew how much fun it looks, and could be! After relaxing and closing their eyes, only seven were able to be put under Corrie’s spell. The boys became shoulder models, and the girls sang as if they were Taylor Swift. The students and staff giggled at the performers when they smelled their own shoes, and then traded with one another. At 7:00 that night, many students came back for a second show and community members for their first. New snickers of children, parents, and grandparents echoed in the four walls of the gym. Those who had gotten hypnotised earlier were unable to resist the second time, and many got pulled under again. Everyone who attended boomed with laughter telling and retelling the stories of the night to those who weren’t able to make it. To remember or not to remember their experience was up to the performers. One unavoidable side effect was that those who were hypnotised would have a deep, uninterrupted nights sleep. This made everyone excited to go home once the show was over to go right to bed. Corrie J succeeded in making QLS applaud his amazing skills and will no doubt be asked to come back to the school in future years.

The Telemiracle Teddy

Giving and giving back is what QLS loves to do, so when February comes around we start planning as many fundraisers as possible to support Telemiracle. The week of February 8-12 we sold Telemiracle Helping Hands, as well as the grade 3 and 4 class had a candy guess for $1 a guess. Thursday the Telemiracle Teddy made an appearance in the town and around the school! He joined us in our assembly where we presented him a $500 donation, and taught him our Quill Lake School dance. Everyone in the community was welcome to join us, and in the afternoon the gym was filled with kids playing games while trying to capture the teddy’s attention. For $2 a kid, children could participate in the Prize Walk with various prizes to be won. Friday, for $2 Kindergarten to Grade 8 students could get out of class to watch an afternoon movie, and buy popcorn for $1. Our last Telemiracle fundraiser, Hockey for Help, will take place on Wednesday, February 24th. The floor hockey tournament starts after school and for $50 a team anyone can take part! Booth profits as well as donations and entry fees all go towards Telelmiracle. We are proud to have fun things to keep our community involved as well as raise money for a good cause. Entertainment and fundraising; QLS loves to multitask!

Sabrina Odelein 
Grade 12
Quill Lake School