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From: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 10:04 AM -0600
Subject:LeRoy School News
Love everywhere!

February brought lots of love and laughter with it as it always does! On February 1st our Senior Girls curling team went to pre-district curling in Lanigan. The girls played very well for being only their 2nd time on ice this year. The girls also had a ton of fun and smiles were always prominent on their faces. On February 2nd the SRC had their fundraiser kickoff assembly. This was such a fun time and students that could answer questions won money. LeRoy School is selling Lamontagne this year!! Everyone’s order forms are due on February 24th, so SELL, and SELL, And SELL!!

The 2nd week in February we had a valentines spirit week by having pink, red, and white day, heart day, and jersey day; to show your love for a team! Spirit weeks are always a blast and everyone does so well with showing their spirit. On February 12th the Elementary Students did their Valentine’s Day celebrations and annual potluck dinner. This included a huge game of Just Dance! On this day the SRC also sent out candy grams to all students to remind them that everyone is loved and are important in making our school one of the best!


Look forward to hearing about exciting things after the break from LeRoy School! We hope everyone has a fun warm February Break!

Cassidy Oesch
LeRoy School Reporter
Grade 12