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From: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 3:21 PM -0600
Subject:A Haircut, Some Tape and Balloons at Winston High

On Friday February 6th the school participated in another pride day. This one was a wee bit more special than the last. The school was asked to bring food items for the food drive in order to support their community. There were two rewards with raising these food items. Number one was the cutting of student Chandler Gross’s hair. Number two was the taping of a teacher to the wall.


Strange and maybe barbaric activities for a school, but where’s the fun in safe and simple? Of course these activities were completely safe. The students watched as Chandler’s locks fell, one strand at a time, in one corner of the gym while others gawked at the taping of teacher Mrs. Bartko to the gym wall. It was definitely a hilarious and entertaining sight to see.


Thanks to the school for raising all those food items and thanks to the Chandler and Mrs. Bartko for being good sports!

- Sarah Davidson, Winston High School Reporter