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From: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 1:38 PM -0600
Subject:Ituna School News
Happy New Year! The start of classes for the New Year began on January 4, 2016. From then on the month flew by with a few exciting events happening throughout. On January 11, Ituna School introduced a breakfast program. Breakfast is served from 8:40-10:40 daily and is open to students in Kindergarten through to grade 12. The program is to ensure kids are eating a breakfast in the morning because it is the most important meal of the day.
On January 13, Family Literacy Night was held in the library from 6:30-7:30. Students were encouraged to come and spend a relaxing evening reading or playing word games in the library with their family.  Horizon School Division’s literacy coordinator, Trish Maxwell, talked about the importance of reading 20 minutes every day while families enjoyed treats and hot chocolate.

Grade 3 teacher, Mrs. Smith, has started a craft club.  It is a big hit with students, with 40 kids in attendance each week.  

The Recess Guardians program was also held for the grade 6 class. It was a program held to help students become leaders and to learn different games and activities to play during recess. It is a program designed to bring the play back in recess so that it is not used for bullying, gossip or misbehavior.


The last week in January was finals week for the grades 9-12 and January 28 was the last day of the first semester. Congratulations on finishing the first semester of the school year! Curling is still running every Monday and Wednesday. Elementary students are improving and practicing hard.  The Juniors and Seniors are also practicing very hard and are getting excited about the upcoming pre-districts in the upcoming month.

- Kyla Zrymiak, Ituna School Reporter