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From: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 8:51 AM -0600
Subject:Schell School News
Schell Scoop

We’ve just finished a busy January at Schell as we wrapped up our semester one courses last week by writing our midterms and final exams. With the studying over we now get to fill our brains with the next courses, units and chapters our school is offering us.

This month at Schell we have some pretty important dates.

  • February 2nd students will take home their report cards and then come discuss their progress with their teachers on February 3rd from 6:30 -9:00pm.
  • February 9th we will be having a Valentine Colors Day so make sure you wear either white, red, purple, or even pink to earn points for your team!
  • February 11th will be our Valentines Lunch Dates so make sure you pack something extra special for yourself and your date to share.
  • February 12th is Steal Your Heart Day for the high school students. The boys will enjoy a very quiet day while the girls try not to talk to them.
  • February 15th - 20th is Winter Break for student at Schell. I hope you enjoy this well deserved week off with your families.
  • February 25th will be our annual ski trip for grades 7 - 12 students. Stay tuned for more information in the school announcements regarding this fun filled day of skiing & snowboarding.
  • Lastly, February 26th is once again our Ninja Turtles Day so make sure you wear a Ninja Turtle shirt, your team color, or even your bandana to earn points for your team!
In addition to these wonderful events happening at Schell, our students will also be busy practicing for their dinner theatre performance of The Mad Tea Party on March 17th. Make sure to purchase your tickets from the front desk as the show and meal are always spectacular.

I hope everyone enjoys participating in these wonderful events planned for February!

Ranita Luzny
School Reporter