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From: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 8:48 AM -0600
Subject:Wynyard Elementary School News
January is coming to an end so here are some of our events for this month.

In the month of January, our school participates in oratory; every student chooses a poem to memorize and perform for their class. A few students from each class get chosen to perform in front of the whole school and guests. Our participants this year are:

Evan Fisher, Lexis Hague, Laina Salter, Kiefer Prisiak, Olivia Stefanuik, Johannes Cornista, Kaitlyn Madsen, Marina Onyskevitch, Hayley Bodnar, Avery  Prystai, Keltan Snook, Nevin Bencharski, Leif Burns, Kaelyn Lorenz, Derrik Prisiak, Nicholas Wiebe, Roshni Pandey, Olivia Gillespie, Caleb Reeve, Ava Nichol, Sophie Gillespie, Triston Panchuk, Raea Lamont and Ella Madarash, Logan Morrison, Gunnar Bowan, Matthew Christensen, Emma Gudmundson, Nichole Mayora, Tyler Gudjonson, Jade Lamont,  Addyson Boylak, Dalyn Chuckry, and Zachary Magnusson. They all did amazing!!!!

On January 29th there is no school for students, but the teachers have a workshop.
The first month of 2016 is over and it was awesome.

Raea Lamont
School Reporter
Wynyard Elementary School