Lance Hiltz
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From: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 8:45 AM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News
 I would say, “I hate to brag”, but that would be a lie. Imperial School has had a stellar month, so why not brag a little? With finals approaching, it is a miracle that our student body maintained their high level of school spirit. On January 20, the SRC put together an amazing scavenger hunt. The SRC combined the scavenger hunt with a School Spirit day, which gave students the opportunity to showcase their new school clothing! January 22nd featured a Hotdog sale that the grade 5/6 class organized in order to raise money for the Imperial Rink. The SRC donated the juice for their sale. Imperial School also showed their support toward Holdfast by sending $75.00 to their fundraiser for a student who has been diagnosed with cancer. Now that exam week is done, I hope that students can refresh themselves, and return to the School with just as much enthusiasm as they had this month!

- Kennedy Lewis, Imperial School Reporter