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From: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 4:07 PM -0600
Subject:LeRoy School News
Welcome 2016

LeRoy School is welcoming in 2016 with focus and preparedness… knowing that just a short 6 months till the final school bell rings! With the coming of January we see colder weather so the SRC planned a warm hot lunch. A bowl of hot homemade soup and a bun on January 12th was exactly what everyone needed. It went over great, with everyone walking away full and happy! With the upcoming exam week LeRoy School is working hard with all our school work and everyone preparing for unit tests, midterms, finals, and departmental exams. Along with studying our junior curlers are preparing for pre-districts as they have been playing in a league in Humboldt. They have been learning a lot about playing as a team and learning the sport of curling, keep working hard! Knowing that the year will only get crazier luckily the start of January has been pretty cool and calm. Look forward to hearing about more of what is happening later this month!

The New and Improved!

2016 has brought new adventures to LeRoy School. A new addition to our school includes brand new black curtains to replace the aged green ones that everyone loved to hate! The curtains on our stage have been a huge work in progress for the last few years but our dream of perfect black beautiful curtains came true! Drama and grad 2016 are super excited to put them to use. We want to thank Mrs. Lissel, Wyatt Panther, Alex Bendel, and Brandon Meiklejohn for everything they have done to get the curtains up and running!

Along with this the grades 5 and 6’s have been influenced by a community member by the name of Mrs. Grace Kupers who has been visiting their classroom to teach the children about the culture in Denmark. She had brought treats, books, and songs from Denmark as that is where she originates from. The students have learnt so much from her and would like to thank Mrs. Kupers for all she has done.

We would like to wish all grade 9-12 students luck with all midterm and final exams, everyone will do fabulous! Look forward to hearing about what is to come in February for LeRoy School!

Cassidy Oesch
Grade 12 student
LeRoy School