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From: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 10:36 AM -0600
Subject:Winston High School News
De-Stress Yourself

Finals are on their way and that only means that the stress level is through the roof. Late nights with nose in books, study notes, reviews and then of course the long anxiety induced wait for the tests themselves. Finals for students holds the same kind of feelings as Armageddon does for the rest of the world.
On January 20th the MHAC committee set aside a day of stress free activities to give the students a chance to de-stress and enjoy the day. During the end of the first class of the day the school gathered in the gym for laughing yoga, which consisted of what you think it would. Grades gathered and told to just laugh became a very therapeutic exercise. Then they were given cookies and milk and the first ten minute and to think the day couldn’t get any sweeter there was coffee and chocolate bars last ten minute. Needless to say there was no stress in that!
Everyone needs a break during the busy times, and the MHAC delivered just that. Thanks to the committee for giving the students of Winston and stress free day. Good luck to everyone on their finals and happy studying!

Sarah Davidson
Winston High school
School Reporter