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From: Monday, January 18, 2016 1:20 PM -0600
Subject:Drake School News
An Educational Trip

On January 14, the grade 5-8 students went to Spectrum 2016 in Saskatoon. As a kid, going somewhere else to learn other than school is pretty exciting. We got to bring our devices along too, for our enjoyment.
While on the bus, we were quiet on the way. But the closer we got to our destination, the louder and enjoyable it got. I am more of a quiet, music, video type of person. Although I did not like the loudness, it was nice to see everyone let loose and have fun.
When we finally got to Spectrum, we were amazed. There were so many people in line and we were happy. Alas, when we were ready, the grades split up. We got split into out classes, grade 5/6 and grade 7/8. We got out tour guide, and he was very nice.
As I walked down the halls, I saw so many rooms with different things to show us. We each got our own mini workbook with an activity with most rooms.
As we went through the rooms, one by one, there were so many things to see! When we entered a room, there was always something interesting.
Spectrum 2016 was a blast! It was both educational and interactive. I liked how they got us to do certain types of stuff and not just talking to us. They were also very kind and fun to talk to!

Since this first time going to Spectrum, I'm sure everyone will want to go again next year to Spectrum 2017!

Brain Injury Awareness Day

January 15 was Brain Injury Day. Our grade 7/8’s helped set up the stations to make this day real. We each got placed in a group, and we went to a station. That station was built on a specific thing, such as parts of the brain, what causes brain injuries or how to prevent them from happening.
Also at each station was an activity, either trivia questions, I spy, twister, and other things too. It was educational. We got to learn things we probably did not know about the brain.
The program itself is brilliant. The idea of showing kids what can or will happen to your brain if you don't take care of it is truly brilliant. If you want to teach us something, it's best if you show us first. Most kids are visual thinkers.
Teaching us what can happen to the brain will affect us in any way. If we didn't wear a helmet back then, this day showed us what can happen. We don't want to be in that star ourselves, so we try to change the way we think about wearing helmets.
So this day was educational and interactive but fun too!

- Francine Bebita, Drake School Reporter