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From: Monday, January 18, 2016 9:58 AM -0600
Subject:Schell School News
Welcome Back!

Happy New Year everyone! We finally hit 2016, the years fly by so fast! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break! It’s time to get back into the school grove once again.

January will be a very busy month for the high school student as they are studying for their final exams beginning January 25, 2016. The exam dates and departmental exams are listed in the newsletter for the students and parents.. Good luck to everyone in writing their upcoming exams!

On the January 21st we will be having another Ninja Turtle Day! I hope to see everyone in their bandanas and in a ninja turtle shirt or a shirt that is the color of your spirit team!

As of December 1st, the school opened up their sales for the purchase of the 2015-2016 yearbooks. If you purchase your yearbook before April 1st, the price is $26.00; if you purchase after April 1st, the price will be $29.00. Orders can be placed with Mrs. Danielle/Mrs. Dennis and must be accompanied with full payment. Cheques are to be made payable to: Schell School SRC.

I hope everyone is excited to be back at school with all of their friends and enjoying the new year!

Ranita Luzny
Schell School Reporter