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From: Monday, January 18, 2016 9:56 AM -0600
Subject:Wynyard Elementary School News
Happy New Year! WES has lots of fun planned for January!

On January 8th the SCC held smoothie day. Anyone in the school who orders gets their choice of a smoothie that our SCC makes. On Jan. 15th, our busy SCC hosted a hot lunch and those who ordered got perogies and sausage. Our whole school is practicing poems for our oratory performance on January 28th. Every student from grade 1 to 6 in our school chooses a poem they like to memorize and perform. A few students from each class will be chosen to perform for the oratory gala which is open to everyone. Every class in our school will be spending time school skating.  Mrs. Gudnason has started basketball for grades 5&6 boys. Mrs. Malinowski and Mrs. Tarry will be supporting sports club basketball which also includes grade 4.  Mrs. Reeve teaches afterschool curling to those who signed up. 2016 is off to a wonderful start so these are our events for the first half of January.

Raea Lamont
School Reporter
Wynyard Elementary School