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From: Thursday, January 14, 2016 9:02 AM -0600
Subject:To Know your Neighbor

At Winston the quantity of students isn’t large, but even still not always is acquaintance with all the students strong, or even there at all. But with Winston’s pride groups the students were given a chance to really get to know the friendly faces in the halls.
 On Thursday January 7th the pride groups got together and joined in activities that allowed them to get to know each student. Games like ten questions, where the leader of the group would ask on individual group member a question like “what’s your favourite colour?” the student would answer and then any other group members with the same answer would stand up along with them. The kids were organized from birthdays to the amount of letters in a last name. These activities allowed each student to be familiarized with their fellow Winston wild cats.
So far the pride groups have been nothing but successful and have helped the school grow closer together. A strong community is starting to come alive in Winston.


Sarah Davidson
Winston High School
School Reporter