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From: Thursday, December 17, 2015 11:13 AM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News
Oh, deer, this month will be a difficult month to top! And no, that was not a grammar error; it was a pun that the King of Schools himself knows all too well. Imperial School’s (grade 7-12) rendition of Cinderella came to a close this month, but it was quite the hit, you could say. Friday night, the final night of the production, Mr. Kevin Garinger came to see if Dessert Theatre lived up to its rumors; we hope it did. Mr. Garinger was so excited to come, he hit a deer! Luckily, the King of Schools claims that the play was worth it, and he hopes to attend again next year. Although that is difficult news to top, it should also be known that the school clothing and fruit orders have come in, just in time for the holidays. In total, we made $400 from the fruit campaign. We hope that the fruit works as a method to cancel out the amount of chocolate you will consume over the holidays. Happy Holidays!

Kennedy Lewis, Imperial School Reporter