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From: Thursday, December 17, 2015 10:00 AM -0600
Subject:12 Days of Christmas at Winston High
12 Days of Christmas Part 2

Now it’s really the time of the year everyone has been waiting for. Time off school! Sorry just kidding, I meant Christmas. Everyone is winding down and the last bit of the school year is wrapping up with the last bit of spirit days! And how better to end the year with school days of Christmas spirit? Well it could be earlier holidays . . . again just kidding!

Some of the last days of the 12 days of Christmas included days like a Monday stocking activity, to prepare for Santa. Tinsel Tuesday was definitely a glitter filled one, sparkles and sparkles and sparkles galore. Wednesday was a Pride Day activity, the last one of the year, everyone wore their shirts and participated school wide. Thursday was Christmas morning, and Santa came by with an early gift, candy canes for everyone! Even for the kids with cavities on the naughty list got some candy. Because what’s Christmas without a full gut and a sugar high? Lastly the big day arrived on Friday the kids got all dolled up and enjoyed the annual Formal Day. Everyone waited for Santa pictures and then of course waited for FOOD. That’s really what the day is all about. But when the food was done and everyone was too full to move it was time to dance and sing! A great ending to a great school year. As always, Formal Day was a success.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, congratulations for everyone getting through the year and good luck to everyone going into the new one.


        Sarah Davidson
        Winston High School
        School Reporter