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From: Wednesday, December 16, 2015 2:55 PM -0600
Subject:"A Christmas Story" from Drake School
The following short story has been submitted in two parts by Francine Bebita, student at Drake School. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

             A Christmas Present     Part 1 of Christmas series

        My name is Angeline. All my life, I’ve been treated like a princess, always getting what I want. I’ve never needed to work for something, I just got it right that moment. It's like I didn't need to get my hands dirty. Because of that, I am not exactly the person people come to for help. I'm kinda stereotyped and judged as the girl you can't depend on. Which is why I'm pretty lonely. But, I have a best friend and his name is Ace. He's a pretty cool guy, and he's always been there for me no matter what. This Christmas, I don't want anything except for people to finally get me, to finally know me.
         Anyways, it was Christmas Day and I woke up. It just seemed like another normal day, but to my sister, it's not. I have a little sister and her name is Grace. She's a very complicated, weird and random girl. But she's cool! She's really fun to wake up.
          I heard her scream, “It's Christmas!” Her feet stomped loudly but quickly down the stairs. I yawned, because I was still tired. I stayed up late last night finishing my essay for English. Then, Christmas Day went on normally. We opened presents, ate good food. But after that, they gave me my ultimate chance. My parents told me, that I could go outside, call Ace and go meet some other people! Man, I was excited!
         So I got dressed, and I called Ace. I told him everything he needed to know and we decided to meet at the park. We did, and more people came. I met some girls, Tracy and Patricia. They were super nice, as long as they weren't mad, of course.
           I was glad and ecstatic, everyone finally understood me. They didn't think I was a spoiled brat. We were dancing to a cool song, when Ace told me to come follow him. I followed him to a beautiful place, where the pine trees glittered with snow. It's almost like the spot was covered by trees in an outline.
           Ace took my hand, and I shook. I was surprised and I looked him in his eyes. It felt like I saw this part of him I never knew. He said, “ Angeline, we've been best friends since we were babies. I think that you are beautiful and amazing at anything that you do. Do you think that maybe, we could be more than friends?” When he said this, I could see him blushing. I was way more happy than I though I'd be and screamed at him yes! We hugged and hugged until he got a phone call. He answered it in shock. He told me something and I teared up. He kissed me goodbye and he left.
          That moment proved me wrong. That moment proved that I've always had what I wanted. I just wanted more. And that moment, was when I realized I've already gotten my Christmas present.

              A Christmas Miracle           Part 2 of Christmas series
        My name is Ace. All my life, I've always been taking things for granted. It's like I was never thankful for anything I had. But then, my best friend changed me into a different mind and person. My best friend is Angeline, an amazing girl. This Christmas, I learned how to be thankful of everything.
         I finally confessed all my feelings to Angeline, and she said yes! Don't get me wrong, I'm as happy as I imagine I could be. But right at that moment, I got a call. It was from my local doctor. He told me that my mom was giving birth. That was the good news, then he told me the bad news. He told me that my mom had a slight chance of living through the birth. I thanked him, and told Angeline. I could tell by her face that she was shocked, she told me to go. I kissed her goodbye and I ran to my car. Everyone kept asking me what was wrong and I ignored them. I got in the car and started the engine. I drove as fast as I could to the hospital.
         I rushed to the nurse, asked her where my mom was, she told me and I ran. The doctor told me all sorts of things, but I dazed out. I could only make out a few words. He told me to wait, and so I did. I was regretting everything that I never did. I cried a little, and I was getting so worried.
        The doctor finally came out of the emergency room and I walked towards him. He said that my mom managed to give birth to the baby. But, he said that my mom and my little baby brother was in a fatal condition. I was shocked, and I took a few steps back. I thanked him, and I put my face in my hands.
          I kept thinking. I prayed, and prayed for them to wake up and be here with me. I also promised myself to never take anything for granted and to always be thankful for everything that I have. And at that moment, I thought that I heard bells ringing. I thought I was just going crazy with worry. But then, the doctor came to me with a huge grin on his face. He told me that my mom and little brother were miraculously in a stable condition. I opened my mouth in shock, and I thanked him, shaking his hand.
          The doctor left, and I screamed so loudly the nurses heard me, from upstairs. But I didn't care, I was so happy I could cry. Then, I realized, that this was an amazing Christmas miracle.