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From: Monday, December 14, 2015 11:12 AM -0600
Subject:Rocks and Rings Sweeps into LES
Rocks and Rings Sweeps into L.E.S.

Curling is surely one of Canada's popular sports and on December 4, the K-6 students at Lanigan Elementary School had a chance to experience it firsthand.  The Rocks and Rings program, led by Courtney Wiens of the Canadian Curling Association, allowed the students to not only learn about curling but to participate in relays and games.  Courtney explained the basics of curling including rock weight, team positions, terminology (such as house and button), and how points are scored.  The students had fun with the curling broom relay in teams plus a game similar to Red Light/Green Light called Sweep/Whoa.  The highlight of each session had to be playing a mini curling game using rocks which moved on the Gym floor with wheels.  Thanks again to Courtney as well as to Mr. Chernishenko at L.E.S. for organizing this event for our students.


- Mrs. Fick