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From: Thursday, December 3, 2015 3:13 PM -0600
Subject:Ituna School News
The end of October quickly came with excitement of what November had to bring next to the school. The Sr. Football team ended of their season in a playoff game in Raymore on October 24. The boys played a great game but sadly ended off their season that day. They played hard throughout the season and wore their Trojan jerseys with pride, knowing all good things come to an end eventually.

October 30 and October 31 was an exciting weekend for the Sr. Girls Volleyball team as they were hosting their home tournament. The girls came out on top, leaving the first place plaque in their home barn! The following weekend was the first weekend in November which was also volleyball conferences in Foam Lake. The girls pulled out a tough battle and came out second place which advanced them to Regionals. Their regional adventure took place in Muenster on November 14. Sadly, their season came to an end that day but were still proud with how they played on the court. The Sr. Girls Volleyball team had an unforgettable season and can’t wait to be back on the court again.

November 10th rolled around and the school put on their annual Remembrance Day Ceremony in the gym. The MCs of the ceremony were Stephanie Kozun and Brendan Bulych. There were many students, from Kindergarten to grade 12, who sang or read poems to show remembrance that afternoon.


Next, one of the rewards for the magazine campaign was to bring in a Magician. On the afternoon of November 17, there was a preview for the entire school to see. The gym was filled of amazement and laughs from the crowd. Not only was a preview show put on for the students but there was a show that evening for the community to attend.


On November 18, the grades 10-11 classes took part in becoming SafeTalk certified. It was a three hour course that focused on how to recognize any suicidal invitations of other people around them and it taught them how to act and take action to save a person’s life from the thoughts of suicide. It was a hard topic to discuss but the students got great lessons out of it and are ready to talk to anyone that may be struggling. Students and staff have been continuing to work very hard each and every month as this school year continues to fly bye. We are all very excited to see what December has in store.

Kyla Zrymiak, Ituna School Reporter