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From: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 11:56 AM -0600
Subject:Viscount School News
Volleyball Has Ended For Another Season

Volleyball is now coming to an end with the junior girls playing their last game on November 3rd in Strasberg. They had their wind up on November 6th at the school, a very traditional and fun wind up, having a sleepover at the school.~ Junior boys came to an end of their season with two games, both against Imperial, one in Viscount and the other in Imperial. They did amazing with winning both their games. Jr.Boys are having a windup soon but it's still unannounced on what they are going to do and when it'll happen. Senior girls have played four more games before their windup. They played on October 28th here against Bruno and lost. October 29th in Viscount and November 4th in Colonsay. Both games against Colonsay and lost each game as well. The girls went to a conference in Annaheim, they played Quill Lake and Leroy. Both of these places brought their club teams. The girls had a very close game with Leroy but sadly lost to both teams. The windup is still unannounced but they do have something fun up their sleeves. Have fun during your wind ups everyone. You all did such an amazing job this year and everyone is very proud of everything you have accomplished this season! We hope to see this many join the badminton and basketball teams this year.~

Education with a little fun

This month has been filled with lots of exciting activities. Starting in the week of October 19th to the 23rd it was education week at the school. During this week we had a variety for different things happening. On Monday the 19th we had our annual school picture day, the Scholastic book fair viewing and the election. Tuesday the 20th there was a potluck supper at the VCS gymnasium and the book fair was open to community, parents and students to purchase. This year there was $2000 worth of books sold at the fair, thank you to all who came and enjoyed the book fair. In the morning of Wednesday the 21st SCC held a very healthy and delicious breakfast. That afternoon there was also a kindergarten to grade 12 science team building activity in the gym, which was lots of fun, thank you Mrs.Hackl. On Thursday the 22nd the grades 1/2/5/6 had a presentation by the Saskatoon Zoo Society. Then on the 23rd there was a Kindergarten to grade 12 reading buddies in the gym, this is a great way to bring our school together and it really helps build relationships and confidence. Right after the grade 5/6 presented the annual Air Bands. The activity is always adorable and is a way of bringing out the kids creative side, very well done. For Halloween the Junior and Senior SRC held a Halloween week filled with different Halloween related activities and on Friday the 30th they put on a Halloween activity in the gym. The contest was to create one of the students into a mummy using toilet paper, the Kindergarten class won first place. Good job little mummies. The Senior SRC has announced they are having a fundraiser of selling Sobeys Gift cards. This helps the school earn money for your children's field trips. sell as many as possible before December 1st. Thank you to everyone for all they do for our school, this month has been really fun and exciting. Good luck to all the students writing midterms and tests!

Haylea Oakes, Viscount School Reporter