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From: Friday, November 27, 2015 2:13 PM -0600
Subject:Insta Week at Winston High

        Although the snow may be mighty and winter is definitely here to take residence for a while, Winston is still cooking up new ideas for fun and exciting weeks of dress up and activity. From November 23rd to November 27th the week was full of social media’s Instagram inspired days.
        Monday November 23rd was Man Crush Monday, all students were to represent a man crush of theirs, whether it be a hunk like Ryan Gosling or a hero like Luke Skywalker. Tuesday was Twin Tuesday, everyone came in pairs, twins left and right. Wednesday was the opposite of Monday, Woman Crush Wednesday. Same concept as the MCM day but this time with a woman crush, I’m talking Whitney Houston, Kate Middleton, or even the Charlie’s Angels. Thursday was Throwback Thursday, everyone picked their favourite rockin’ era and dressed head to toe in different ages, the halls were definitely a trip down memory lane. Lastly Friday brought, probably the most participated day, Frumpy Friday. Sweats, sweaters, fuzzy socks, the famous “just don’t care” hair filled the school with an at home cozy feeling.
        Spirit weeks are always a good way to show pride for the school, and Winston has never been shy when it comes to out of this world, fun and wacky new ideas to get the school pumped. Thanks SRC for another great spirit week at Winston.



Sarah Davidson
Winston High School
School Reporter