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From: Monday, November 23, 2015 9:22 AM -0600
Subject:A Day of Remembrance at Drake School
November 11 is the day of reminiscing heroism of Canadian fallen soldiers that led to victory among all of us until today. It is a time when we take a minute of silence to remember, respect and give honour to those who served in the war.

What we would always remember is their sacrifice, how they left their families and friends behind to earn freedom and peace for the humankind. They fought for us to the very end of their breaths. They sacrificed their lives for us to have a better society than what they had. The soldiers that fought in the war suffered great pain, endured it even it hurt so much. They kept on a brave face even there were fears in their eyes and gave it all what they had.

We remember this Day by the poppies, small yet very symbolic flowers, which valued and worn by almost all Canadians. From a very heartwarming poem, people were moved and started wearing the red flower closest to their hearts on this Day to give respect and honour to all the fallen soldiers who died on Flander’s Fields.
As I have observed today, Remembrance Day is valued less by the younger generation because it is just a day off from work, from school and a time for fun and rest. This Day should be given emphasis to take all the memories of the fallen soldiers and let it sink in our hearts. To think what they have fought and died for us to live in peace and harmony should keep ourselves burning in desire to continue on what they have started.

Lest we forget the unspoken message they wanted to convey to us: to have a life based on what we want to do and be able to step forward and reach for our dreams.

- Francince Bebita, School Reporter