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From: Monday, November 16, 2015 9:24 AM -0600
Subject:Winston High Heading to Regionals

Even though it’s sad to say that football season is over for this year the volleyball girls are still playing strong.  Winston sports have always had the hardest playing teams, whether it’s football, curling, volleyball, basketball etc. Even though it was quite provincials this year for Senior football Wildcats, the teams still played an amazing season and have tons to be proud of. Volleyball is still on it’s way, hurrying it’s way to Rosetown as a winning team.

Last Wednesday Nov. 4th the girls played league. The girls only played two games, but kicked butt at both. In the semifinals they played Strasburg and won, and then moving onto finals they played Raymore. The girls took the win and remain one of the top teams in the league. The girls play strong, and play well together as a unified team, which has a lot to do with their success. This lead them to playing in Regionals in Humboldt, which they also took by storm, which now leads them to the big leagues in Rosetown coming up this weekend.


Good luck to the girls this upcoming weekend in Rosetown, hope you have a great tournament. Thanks to all the athletic supports of Winston High and Watrous Community, the teams couldn’t do it without you!

        Sarah Davidson
        Winston High School
        School Reporter