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From: Monday, November 9, 2015 1:27 PM -0600
Subject:Wadena Comp Outdoor School Completes 40th Extended School Trip

Wadena Composite recently visited the town of Churchill, MB for one of the world’s greatest wildlife adventures, studying the polar bears of Cape Churchill. On October 27, a group of 40 students, staff and parents boarded the VIA Rail Hudson Bay for the 40 hour trip to Churchill. Upon arrival, the group was shuttled to the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, a research station located 30 km out of town. During their stay in Polar Bear Town, the group took two area tours and leased a Tundra Buggy for a full day. Throughout the trip, the group had a school record of 28 polar bear sightings and got to experience stepping in the Arctic Ocean and entering Nunavut. The School also had the chance to experience everything there is to see and do around the Churchill area, including visiting the Polar Bear Jail, the Port of Churchill and Cape Merry National Historic Site. The student group was complimented at every stop in regards to their positive behavior and respect for others. This was the school’s fourth trip to Churchill. The next Outdoor School trip takes the senior high student body to the Rocky Mountains in May with future trips to Newfoundland, Yukon and Ottawa in the planning stages.