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From: Monday, November 9, 2015 1:19 PM -0600
Subject:Wynyard Elementary School News
 The end of October has been wonderful. On the 27th we had an amazing presentation from John Dunn, an Arctic explorer; he was awesome! He told us all about his explorations, he showed us amazing pictures, and how far he traveled. IT WAS SO COOL!! On the 23rd the SCC hosted a delicious pancake hot lunch for the entire school it was so yummy! Thank you SCC. We held open house on the 22nd,and it was a hit… parents and children came and checked out the school. Finally our Hall-o-ween celebrations… On Hall-o-ween each class had their own little Halloween parties. As a school, we walked to the food bank we had a lot of food. We did our usual Halloween parade -  awesome costumes everyone. And everyone did an awesome job on their doors everyone wins!
And this year, Ms.Friesen and the grade 6 class hosted a haunted house; it was AWESOME. There was art, drama, music, dance, and texture groups… each group set up their own little stations for the school to go through. 5B lead the classes through the haunted house. This is the second half of October.

Raea Lamont,
School reporter
Wynyard Elementary School