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From: Monday, November 9, 2015 1:17 PM -0600
Subject:Halloween Spirit Week at Annaheim School

This week in Annaheim School the SRC organized a spirit week for the students with the theme of Halloween. We started off the week with pumpkin carving on Tuesday. Many of the older students paired up with the younger students in our school and created some pretty spooky and creative designs. To continue with the spirit the students were given the opportunity to colour a Halloween picture to enter in the colouring contest put on by the SRC. There were so many pictures that came in and they all looked fantastic! On Thursday the students participated in dressing in black and orange.  Lastly, on Friday the students dressed up at the end of the afternoon to show off their Halloween costumes to win prizes before they went out trick or treating.


By Molly Yungmann, Annaheim School Reporter