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From: Monday, November 9, 2015 1:14 PM -0600
Subject:HPS School News (Sept-Oct)

September Report

On September the 14th, the Missoula Children's theater came to Humboldt Public School to set up auditions for their annual musical, this year being "Aladdin". Just under 50 students from across the Humboldt area came to the auditions.

For those who don't know what Missoula Children's Theater is, it is a free program for children from grades K-12 that comes once a year to Humboldt. Many other places across Canada and different parts of the world also participate in the the Missoula Children's Theater programs.

Every year two people, usually a boy and a girl, come out to places in their little red and white truck. They bring with them all the props, setting and costumes needed for the productions. Auditions happen on a Monday. Practices happen all week culminating in two performances on Saturday of the same week.

Originating in Missoula, Montana, the Children's Theater is an American Company that is very proud of all their productions and have had a great impact on the lives of many young children.

- Allison Sterlin​g, HPS School Reporter

October Report

Get ready to get your ghoul on this October 31st! Halloween was always my favourite holiday next to Christmas and Easter. Halloween is the one holiday where you can show off your favourite hobbies and your favourite interests and get candy for it!I've seen some impressive costumes in my time and still am seeing many new and old ones throughout the years. Though princesses and superheros are most common, I still like to see very interesting and very original costumes that might have been homemade! I have some suggestions if you don't have your costumes yet like werewolves, mummies, Anime characters, TV show characters, minecraft, princesses, ninjas super heroes, animatronics, pirates, witches, grotesque things, mace and cheese, mythical beasts, crayons and maybe even a youtuber you really like and want to dress up as. Even your pets can be dressed up to match you for the occasion! Hope to see some very interesting and creative costumes this Halloween!

- Allison Sterling, School Reporter

September Report

Welcome back to another fun-filled year at HPS! I'm Garrett Brown and together with my fellow reporter, Allison Sterling, we are looking forward to providing you with all the up-to-date news in the 2015-2016 school year.

Already, one month has passed and numerous events have occurred during this short time period. The beginning of the school year welcomed the construction of a second set of playground equipment. The structures raised included a full sized playground, picnic tables, benches and a gazebo. The money had been raised through fundraisers and a large donation for the Community Initiatives Fund. The students of Humboldt Public School thank the many individuals who contributed to the building of the playground.

Like always, the school managed to have their annual "Hot Dog We're Back to School" welcome barbecue. The purpose of the festival was to introduce new parents and students to the school's staff and to welcome familiar faces back to the school.

Students dressed in their best clothes for picture day and chose their favourite magazines to purchase for the annual magazine fundraising sale.

HPS also has a new Student Leadership Council Executive. The members include:
Co-Presidents: Cole~Pulice and Acacia Hergott
Secretary: Julie Frostad
Treasurers: Lauryn MacLean and Emily Frostad
Sports Representatives: Jordan Nienaber, Kaleb Pulice and Amber Niekamp
Social Representatives: Karyn Kaip, Destiny Therres and Taylor Hoppe
Community Connectors: Garrett Brown, Jordan Reekie and Jayna Schuler
Already the SLC has attended a speech from Travis Price (Founder of the Pink Shirt Movement)in Watson. They have been planning for an upcoming spirit week later this month.

Many school sports have kicked off in HPS. Both Girls and Boys Volleyball teams have been honing their skills, and the Flag Football team has been practicing on the gridiron. The cross country team has also been preparing for the Cross Country Pre-Districts in Middle Lake. The event will take place on October 1st.

On the 17th, players from the Humboldt Broncos hockey team visited HPS to judge the school's Bronco decorations. Both students and teachers had shown huge enthusiasm for decorating the facility with signs, streamers and banners. Many students laughed when Mr. Olchowski, Grade 8 teacher, was put in the hockey net for Bronco shooting practice. The contest had encouraged support for the hockey team's 45th anniversary. Eventually all three schools won the contest and every student was given a free ticket to the season home opener.~

Finally, at the end of the month, Sigmund Brouwer, Writer in Residence, visited Humboldt Public School to explain the importance of literacy to students. Sigmund has written nearly 30 different novels from children's literature to young adult fiction. Mr. Brouwer frequently paused his presentation for dancing breaks to keep the students engaged. Muenster, Bruno and Humboldt Collegiate Institute Grade 9 students also attended.

It has been a great pleasure writing as the School Reporter and I am looking forward to writing more articles in the future. Talk to you next month....

- Garrett Brown, HPS School Reporter

October Report

As October progresses, our temperatures have been getting cooler and leaves are falling off of the trees. It's the perfect time to curl up with a great book. Humboldt Public School received a treat when famous Canadian author Eric Walters visited to give a presentation on his life and experiences and how they relate to his books.

Eric Walters was born in 1957. He is married to a woman named Anita and has three grown children named Christina, Nicholas and Julia. He was originally a teacher at Vista Heights Public School in Mississauga, Ontarion. He started to write books to keep hi students engaged in reading. Today, his works of literature have been translated into over twelve languages. He has won over one hundred awards and has presented to 1 500 000 students, Humboldt Public School being a very small dot in that group.

Eric Walters began the presentation for Grades 6-8 after a brief introduction form the SLC's Community Connectors. He started off by talking about how his writing career started and his early books. 'Splat' was one of the first books in his career. It takes place in a small town in Ontario that hosts their annual tomato festival. Problems arise when participants start throwing tomatoes at each other. He also talked about his experiences with tigers for his Tiger by the Tail series which included getting his hand almost swallowed by a tiger cub.

Eric Walters also has strong connections to Africa and has written many novels about it. He talked about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and working at the orphanage he co-founded with his wife. He talked about all the towns in Kenya that he visited for his novel 'Walking Home". It follows the events of two Kenyan children whose lives have been torn apart by political violence. He has also visited the Sahara Desert in Tunisia, touring the bar that was used for filming the Mos Eisley Cantina in the fourth Star Wars saga, A New Hope. He talked about meeting some African marathon runners and telling them about Terry Fox. Walters has written about Terry in his popular novel, 'Run', and Grade 8's have read it in the past. Students were engaged in Walter's presentation from the beginning to the end. Not only did he encourage literacy and writing in students, he also ignited a spark in all of us to follow our passions and dreams.

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a safe Halloween and will have a fantastic winter filled with reading.

- Garrett Brown, HPS School Reporter