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From: Monday, November 2, 2015 10:01 AM -0600
Subject:Viscount School News
The Excitement is Just Stating

The school year is just starting and everyone is trying to get back into the ways of homework and participation with our popular clubs. The Senior SRC held our annual Terry Fox run on September 29th many students attended and participated in raising money for the cause. As a school we raised over $1700. You all did an amazing job especially the Kirzinger family for raising the most money and won the terry fox t-shirt. On October 8th the elementary students and staff held their annual Thanksgiving Day lunch. This was a success with the help of families donating food, the grade 3/4 class setting up and to the grade 5/6 class preparing the lunch and cleaning up afterwards. The school is starting to have have assemblies each month that are held by each classroom that are related to each months themes. October’s month was reading month and it was presented by the grade 5/6 class as they talked about a Canadian author named Sigmund Brouwer. In groups, they all present short skits and talked about each of the books. It was very well put on and we are thankful for the grade 5/6 on sharing their favourite books by Sigmund Brouwer with us. Students have been learning about elections and politics and apart of learning this the grade 3/4 and 11/12 classes participated in a student vote. This was very inspiring to many students as this is such a huge role in our lives. Thank you to all the parents, staff and students for helping and taking time out of their busy schedules to help us further our education and making changes to our school, I am very excited to see how this year goes. Good luck to everyone with further quizzes and exams. A

                                                        Hard Game Fought

This month is full of hard working volleyball and football teams. Everyone is working very hard and are really showing it during games. I'm sure coaches are very proud of everyone's accomplishments so far. The junior boys volleyball team had a game on September 23rd at VCS against Humboldt but lost. However, the boys played another four games. Two on October 7th in Humbodlt against both Humboldt and Englfeld and again another two games on October 14th against St.Dominic and Englfeld and won all four games. These boys are working very hard and it sure shows in these last games! Congratulations boys you all are working very hard and sure show team spirit.

Junior girls volleyball are doing a fantastic job this year so far as well. They have been doing loads of tournaments and working really hard. They had a tournament in Wakaw on September 26th  were they played six games winning one against Colonsay but lost the rest. That was a lot of good practice for these girls. The girls had another mini tournament in Bellevue on October 1st, they played against Bellevue and St.Brieux. They lost both games but put in a great effort. On October 5th they play here at VCS against Bellevue, they lost the game but still came out strong with winning two out of five sets. In Humboldt on October 15th the girls played against St.Brieux and Humboldt but unfortunately lost both games. These girls are doing a fantastic job as their skills are getting better as the season keeps going.

Senior girls have also been working hard this year with a game in Bruno on September 23rd but lost. They had another game at VCS against Muenster, they fought very hard and it was a close game but again unfortunately lost that game as well. The girls have been practicing extremely hard and you can see that when they get onto the court. With dedication, determination and more practice these girls come out shining in their next game they played. On October 7th at VCS they played against St.Brieux and won. However with winning comes losing and on October 14th they lost their game against Wakaw but like usual played an excellent game! Good job girls we are very proud of you.

Football is a huge sport this year since it's our first game in 35 years. The boys had their first away game in Hanley on September 25th but lost. On October 1st it was the boys last home game and lost this one too. However this game was very special to the boys as it was their first time getting to a record setting of five touchdowns in one game. The boys have been practicing everyday and it is really showing off. Their last game was on October 16th in Outlook , they lost but this game was special as they had a record breaking of five touchdowns in one game. This is a great way to end the football season.

These teams are doing a wonderful job and should be very proud of themselves and each other. Good luck to everyone and congratulations on your wins.  Remember, “All the talent in the world won't take you anywhere without your team mates” -author unknown

VCS Reporter,
Haylea Oakes