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From: Friday, October 30, 2015 9:37 AM -0600
Subject:Ituna School News
As October kicked off, so did the annual Terry Fox Run for Ituna School. For a fundraiser, raffle tickets were available to purchase for a chance to win many great prizes. Grades 7- 12 participated in a lively walk/run around the track on October 1, 2015. Music was played from the football tower and announcements were made by Stephanie Kozun and Kyla Zrymiak. Once the walk/run was over students were called inside to the gym for the announcements of the raffle ticket winners and also to enjoy a hamburger lunch put on by the Sr. SRC. In the end, the students enjoyed the Terry Fox Run as everyone all knew it was for a good cause. All money raised will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation.


Our big magazine fundraiser also came to a close at the end of September. Students did a tremendous job this year selling magazines. Our set goal was to sell 400 magazines from grades 3-12, but we ended up exceeding our goal with a grand total of 426 magazines sold. Since we sold so many magazines the Sr. SRC has created many rewards which the students will receive throughout the year. The first reward that was given to the school was an extended lunch. During the extended lunch, Sr. SRC members, Stephanie Kozun, Abbey Boczulak, Hannah Braden, Kyla Zrymiak, Shannara Keisig, and Ms. Onufreychuk put on their garbage bags as they prepared to get pied. Also during that time five brave teachers stood onstage and took part in a “Spew It” competition, involving mentos and pepsi. The Sr. SRC is looking forward to putting on the next activities for Ituna School.